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Title:The Director's Cut
Duration:6 min
Country:South Korea
Genre:Short, Drama, Romance
Director:Jung Kwak
Writer:Seung-Kyu Gong, Jung Kwak
Actors:Yeon-Ju Lee, Jae-Yun Jeong, Si-Hyun Joo, Yun-Bo Sim
Summary:The Director's Cut is a short starring Yeon-Ju Lee, Jae-Yun Jeong, and Si-Hyun Joo. On the day that the main actors are to record their part of ADR in time for the movie's opening date, But the actors don't show up. The director is...


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Comments (5):

Frank PI am so tired of this trailer popping up EVERYWHERE

WiglessI don’t understand why people hate this film so much. It’s not boring, it’s actually a masterpiece. Everything in this movie is perfect.

Captain ResetHonestly brilliant film! This one has definetly gone under the radar. Must watch for sure.

Novatus G. Ndeng’asowatched it twice wat a movie.....

Jason EThis movie was hilarious

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